Jackson Services - Truck Repair

Semi Truck Repair and Diesel Mechanic in Bay City, Texas


For truck service and repair, Jackson Services is the ultimate choice for residents of Bay City, Texas. Serving the community since 2000, we are the only local truck repair shop in the area that specializes in diesel systems. As members of The Texas Towing and Storage Association, we carry all the necessary equipment to diagnose and repair your 18-wheeler as soon as possible.

For emergency service, call (979) 217-1030.

We offer the following services:

Emergency Mobile Repair: Our emergency services include heavy duty towing, truck tire repair, and small jobs, such as broken lights or sparkplugs. We understand just how important it is to get back on the road after an unexpected issue, which is why we try our best to complete your truck repair at your location. We’ll send a diesel mechanic to your current location to diagnose the problem you’re facing and decide if it needs to be towed to our shop for more detailed repairs.

General Diesel Repair: If your truck requires more extensive repair and needs to be towed to our shop, Jackson Services offers a variety of repairs at our location. From heating and coolant issues to truck brake repair, we are well-versed in fixing any issues you may have. Our diesel truck repair also includes exhaust and muffler repair.

Diesel Engine Repair: Occasionally, your large truck repair consists of deeper issues with your engine, and it takes a specialized mechanic to repair. All of our truck mechanics are well-versed in diesel engine repairs and are insured and certified for your protection.

For all aspects of mobile truck repair in Bay City, contact Jackson Services. Our mechanics will get you back on the road in no time! Call (979) 217-1030 for fast semi truck repair!